Tennis Goes Punk

I’ve been extremely infatuated with the sports luxe trend recently and am lusting after everything jersey material. I decided to pair my jersey tank with my navy plaid skirt to make what I’d like to call “Rebel Private School-Girl Tennis Player” (a bit of a mouthful). I love this tank because it’s a super great layering piece due to it’s material, and versatile in the fact that you can tie it, leave it down etc. I’ve been avoiding the Nike trainers trend for so long, and still can’t bring myself to buy a pair of black and white Roches or Free Runs, so I dug up these old pair of Nike’s from more than six years ago (!!!). The neon splashes of colour are a little bit out of my comfort zone of monochromatic tones, but maybe it’s a sign of a step towards a brighter future (haha punny, I know). Until I get my hands on a pair of white Air Forces, these will have to do.


Dramatic pose



The ancients



Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Thrifted

Shirt: Unknown


Jean on Jean: Who did it better???

       vs.Just kidding… don’t actually judge (Julia and I are in this together)

  While sifting through my clothes creating the outfit for this post a couple questions came to mind:

1) When did jean on jean become not okay?

2) Are nude pumps still in and will anyone care if I bring them back?

3) If my jeans aren’t high waisted do they still count?

After some not so careful consideration I thought f*ck it and threw these outfits together.

_MG_5975 _MG_5988 copy_MG_5983 copy_MG_5991 copy

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Jacket: Thrift

T-shirt: Forever 21 (Making another appearance on the blog I realized it’s a fave)

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: *Truthfully I forget

Bag: Thrift

Denim Crimes

There’s the age-old rule that denim should be never worn with denim, but what’s a true denim lover without experimenting a bit with denim-on-denim? Thick jean jackets are my favourite piece to add to any look to instantly give it a more kiddish (and dare I say, grungier) vibe. One of my favourite denim jackets is this cropped varsity bowling jacket that I snagged a couple years back from a Salvation Army. It’s got gorgeous bowling patches, and is the perfect length for matching with high-waisted bottoms. With the weather warming up, I threw on my favourite white tank, permanently stolen from my mom’s closet, and a pair of thrifted men’s Levi’s. The two jean items ended up matching incredibly well, creating a very co-ordinated ensemble.



When was the last time I left my house without that choker and those shoes?






Jacket: Salvation Army

Tank: Mom’s Vintage

Jeans: Salvation Army

Bag: Value Village

Shoes: Écote

Sunglasses: Mom’s Vintage



Beachy Business

With the weather finally warming up (a whopping 30 degrees celsius today, in Windsor!!!), I decided the most appropriate and cliché location to take today’s outfit pics would be at our local beach, despite the slight overcast. If you know me, you know I’m not much of a business-casual type of person, but mom said it was time to grow up, so I layered a clean cut kimono-styled piece over the typical spring floral dress and slung my mini briefcase bag over my shoulder. To make the outfit more me, I wore my current favourite pair of flats: woven, holographic fisherman shoes and a tattoo choker.


A smiling Julia #rare




The shoes that every holographic lover dreams about (I think???)


I’ve never been into reptile patterns, but when I saw the colour and structure of this bag, I fell in unlikely love.



Water = sea punk, right?

Dress: H&M

Cover-up: H&M

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Écote


2My inspo for this outfit was the most bazaar collection of people and things. A mix between my love of things kawaii (hence sandals and tshirt combo) and my love of pretty much all outfits in seinfeld (they’re calling it normcore and it’s going to be big in fall 2014)

3eI found this adorable jacket in my moms closet and was shocked that I had never seen it before. She hides treasures in there and it’s so fun digging them out. The other pieces I’ve always had around, being basics they usually don’t get too much attention but my new found love of minimalism had me thinking on how to combine them in cool ways.

Hat: The Black Market

Sunglasses: Thrift

White Tee: Forever 21

Black Shirt: H&M

Jacket: Mom’s Closey

Skirt: Thrift

Sandals: UO

Bag: Thrift



87 910



Wait… where’s the black???

IMG_5161 copyIf you know me well you would be a tad surprised if you saw me perusing through the city without the exciting tone of black somewhere in my outfit (if not the whole entire outfit) so you might be even more surprised with this outfit post!


Yesterday I did a Spring/Summer shoot and for it I decided to bring out everything summery. Which meant white shoes, white dress, a pink fuzzy cardigan (my new favourite piece!) and my fave Topshop hat! I felt so fresh and summery in this outfit and I had absolutely no scare factor for once!!

If you’ve been looking through Topshops new collection you can safely say ‘cute’ is in. So girls, dress as cute as you want and spoil your inner 6 year old! Pink, fuzziness and glitter are all A – OK.

IMG_5205 copy


Cardigan: TOPSHOP

Dress: Urban Outfitters


Uh oh… my dress is high-low!!!?!

2-2774 copy

Okay, okay… I know high-low is out and all but who could resist wearing this faded trend when the dress is as gorgeous as this one? I’m in love with this navy simple dress, it’s a basic piece that could be dressed up or down! I decided to dress it up with some black boots and a black leather jacket, which are also some very basic pieces. Somehow these three basic pieces created this not so basic outfit. I promise to never fall into the basic b*tch trap!!

2-2764 copy2-2769 copy

Jacket: Forever 21

Dress: H&M


Boots: Urban Outfitters